Sussex Mummers Carol

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God bless the master of this house
With happiness beside;
Where e'er his body rides or walks
His God be his guide.
His God be his guide.

God bless the mistress of this house
With gold chain round her breast;
Where e'er her body sleeps or wakes,
Lord, send her soul to rest.
Lord, send her soul to rest.

God bless your house, your children too,
Your cattle and your store;
The Lord increase you day by day,
And send you more and more.
And send you more and more.

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Nadia Searle, Colchester,England

15 November 2016 at 11:06pm

Just a suggestion... Could you do the grown up version as well? It's not much different really but yet I've been searching for the lyrics and no-one seems to know them apart from me. Maybe you should start a new web page for such things. Lol

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