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This song came from the book by the same name written in 1998.

The song and book are written for children from the ages of 2 to 5 years of age and were originally written for silly and nonsense reasons.

This book was written to be read aloud thus leading to making it a song to be sung out loud by teachers, parents, and children in the home or in the classroom.

This song can be used in the classroom for teaching of a few subjects. First, teaching nonsense is very important so that children can learn what is real and what is part of the nonsense and imagination. Secondly, the teacher can tell children what mumps, hiccups, and measles are. They are sang about in the song, but not really explained. The teachers and parents can do all of the teaching.

This can also be a lesson about animals all beginning with an alligator. The teacher can have pictures ready of different animals so children can describe them to the teacher and each other.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

Shorter version

Miss Suzy had a baby, she named him Tiny Tim
She stuck him in a bathtub to see if he could swim
He drank up all the water
He ate up all the soap
He tried to eat the bathtub but it wouldn't fit down his throat
Miss Suzy called the doctor
The doctor called the nurse
The nurse called the lady with the alligator purse.

Longer version

Miss Lucy had a baby, his name was Tiny Tim
She put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim
He drank up all the water
He ate up all the soap
He tried to eat the bathtub, but it wouldn't go down his throat.

Miss Lucy called the doctor
Miss Lucy called the nurse
Miss Lucy called the lady with the alligator purse.

In came the doctor
In came the nurse
In came the lady with the alligator purse.

"Mumps" said the doctor
"Measles" said the nurse
"Nonsense" said the lady with the alligator purse.

"Penicillin" said the doctor
"Castor Oil" said the nurse
"Pizza!' said the lady with the alligator purse.

Out went the doctor
Out went the nurse
Out went the lady with the alligator purse.

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Gail, R.I.

21 July 2015 at 6:51am

I remember this from the early fifty's singing it in the school yard at St. Joseph's school in Middletown N.Y.!

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kiki, Canada

6 April 2015 at 2:29pm

I Love the song

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Susan B. Anthony, United States

9 March 2015 at 7:29pm

Miss Lulu had a baby, she called him tiny Tim. She put him in the bathtub, so see if he could swim. He drank up all the water! He ate up all the soap! He tried to swallow the bathtub, but it wouldn't go down his throat!! Call for the doctor! Call for the nurse! Call for the lady with the alligator purse! "Mumps!" said the doctor. "Measles!" said the nurse. "Vote!!" said the lady with the alligator purse!! susan b anthony is lady w/ alligator purse.

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antoniahipp, USA

30 January 2015 at 1:24am

That is a very nice song.

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april vezie, United States

19 December 2014 at 3:50am

I remember this from when I was in 4th grade. But our teacher used a version that had Jesse James, Tiny Tim and a few other names though I can't remember them now (It's been over 25 years). I do remember it started out with: Three, six, nine the birds are sitting on the telephone line. Here comes Ducky, here comes Goosey. It's time to sing a song about Aunt Lucy. Do any of you know any other verses/versions besides the Tiny Tim and Jesse James ones?

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TRacy S, Oregon

8 December 2014 at 2:02am

I thought the baby ate the doctor, the nurse and the lady with the alligator purse = O

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gopi, 7401191138

5 November 2014 at 12:21pm


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Kacie, United States

29 October 2014 at 3:26am

I sang this 100times

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Bernadette, United States

8 April 2014 at 1:25am

JUMP RIP SONG with three children going in as doctor,nurse, lady with alligator purse. Two children holding each end. It goes way back to the 1940's. In fact was in the movie The Naked City with Barry Fitzgerald. Children singing it On the streets of N.Y

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MaryS, Vancouver, WA

5 January 2014 at 3:19pm

This could not be from 1998. I used to sing this as a child, and I was born in 1966.

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Bonnie, United States

23 February 2013 at 2:30am

The Jesse James one goes: Miss Lucy had a baby, she named him Jesse James, he broke into her piggy bank and took out all of her change, he waited on the sidewalk for the ice cream man to appear, he said "you're out of luck, I'm taking your truck" and he hasn't been seen for a year, boo hoo hoo, can't you see there's no ice cream for you and me.....

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Shelby, United States

19 November 2012 at 2:26am

another rhythm is My name is pickled patty i live in cincinati i have 48 toes and a big purple nose and this is now my story goes, one day i was walking i heard my boyfreind talking to a real sweed girl with strawberry curls and this is what he said "i L O V E love you i K I S S kiss you i P A R K in the dark i park in the dark with you!

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Samantha, United States

15 November 2012 at 12:50am

This was the da bomb when I was lil

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Megan, New Zealand

5 March 2012 at 9:39pm

I love that adapted version, by phyllis above, excellent!

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Phyllis, United States

25 February 2012 at 6:25pm

I am a children's librarian. I adapted this story/poem to go with a monkey themed storytime. I have a little monkey, His name is Tiny Tim, I put him in the bathtub to teach him how to swim. He drank up all the water and he ate the bar of soap. Now he has big bubbles coming from his throat. Momma called the doctor, Momma called the nurse, Momma called the lady with the alligator purse. Measles said the doctor. Mumps said the nurse. Nonsense said the lady witht the alligator purse. A shot said the doctor. Pills said the nurse. Bananas! said the lady with the alligator purse. My monkey is much better. He is sleeping 'cause it's late. But I wonder if tomarow I could teach him how to skate! I think this is really cute and has possiblities for a new story.

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Kate, United States

24 February 2012 at 9:16pm

We replaced the last verse with: Miss Lucy kicked the Doctor Miss Lucy hit the Nurse Miss Lucy paid the lady With the alligator purse! :)

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Darian S West, United States

5 February 2012 at 4:35pm

As a child, I remember singing and playing with playmates and my cousins. We always had so much fun and this was one of fond memories.

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Janet, United States

2 February 2012 at 12:59am

Since so many babies/young children have drowned in bathtubs, either by accident or on purpose, I changed some of the wording in the first verse to read: "She put him in a playpen, 'cause he's too little to swim. He put on his red coat to go ride his pet goat. But the goat got scared and ran off and poor Tiny Tim cried and coughed." The rest of the poem is great. I just didn't want the young children who heard this to go home and put a baby brother or sister in the bathtub after hearing this in daycare/preschool. No baby/young child needs to be in a bathtub any time unless they are supervised by an adult. I also attached an 16" plastic toy alligator to a purse for a visual--all of the kids I shared with---about 75 in one day--loved it!

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Abby, India

24 January 2012 at 1:36pm

I love this song, its so cute!

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Gail Hardesty, United States

3 December 2011 at 7:00pm

Dorothy, this is what I "slapped hands" with other girls to as a child "I am a pretty little Dutch girl. As pretty as pretty can be. And all the boys on the baseball team go crazy over me. My boyfriend's name is Harry. He walks me to the fair He brings me flowers and pretty thing and walks me up the stairs. I gave him back his flowers; I gave him back his rings; I gave him back his pretty things and kicked him down the stairs. " I'm sure some words are missing from my memory of the song.

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