The Letter F


I am Fabio, chef fantastico!

Freddy's favorite food is french fries. 
Fifi favors fish.

To eat fajitas every day is Faviola's wish. 
Felice is fond of fluffy frosting.
Francie wants french toast.
A bowl of fettuccini is what Farah wants the most.


Fee fi fo fum!

I'm looking for a chef
who's in the mood to make fabulous food
beginning with the letter f.

Fatima likes to eat falafel.
Fletcher likes fried rice.
Frieda feels like fruitcake. 
Frank says, "Frog legs might taste nice!'.

Felipe found a fortune cookie.

Fritzy found a fig. 

When Fran and Fergie eat fondue
it makes them dance a jig!

(Repeat CHORUS).

Now here's to frankfurters and fruit.
Frankfurters and fruit?
Do you like figs and frosty flakes?
Figs and frosty flakes?
I like chocolate fudge and fritters,
Chocolate fudge and fritters?
And old-fashioned funnel cakes!
Yum yum yum!

(Repeat CHORUS).

(Repeat CHORUS).

I am molto fabuloso!
Yes, I make the food that starts with letter f!

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Alexandra, United States

12 April 2011 at 11:46pm

another great song from ABCmouse. I like that this song is different from the letter X song. My kids are enjoying these tunes!

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