The Old Chisholm Trail


Oh, come along boys and listen to my tale
I’ll tell you all my troubles on the ol’ Chisholm trail

Come a ti-yi yippee yippee yea, yippee yea
Come a ti-yi yippee yippee yea

On a ten dollar horse and a forty dollar saddle
I was ridin’ and a-punchin’ Texas cattle

We left ol’ Texas October twenty-third
Drivin’ up the trail with the U-2 herd

I’m up every mornin’ before daylight
And before I sleep the moon shines bright

It’s bacon and beans most every day
I’d just as soon be eatin’ prairie hay

I woke up one mornin’ on the Chisholm trail
With a rope in my hand and a cow by the tail

Oh, it’s cloudy in the west and a-lookin’ like rain
And my old slicker’s in the wagon again

Oh the wind start to blow and the rain it did fall
And it looked to us cowpokes like we’d lose ‘em all

I jumped in the saddle and grabbed hold the horn
The best cowpuncher that ever was born

I was on my best horse, and she started to run
The quickest shootin’ cowboy that ever pulled a gun

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Jonni, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

18 July 2016 at 2:29am

The Vancouver troglodytes took their cues from the (totally spontaneous, you understand)G 20tqtot;protes&ers&quou; in Toronto last year.Guess the "One Mountie, one riot" thing has kinda lost its sheen too.Our riots are losing their classiness.:-(

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