The United States Merchant Marine Anthem

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Heave Ho, My Lads, Heave Ho
It's A Long, Long Pull With Our Hatches Full.
Braving The Wind, Braving The Sea,
Fighting The Treacherous Foe.
Heave Ho, My Lads, Heave Ho,
Let The Sea Roll, High or Low,
We can Cross Any Ocean, Sail Any River,
Give Us The Goods, And We'll Deliver,
[Darn] The Submarines,
We Are The Men Of The Merchant Marines.

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Jamessia, Tanzania, United Republic of

27 March 2015 at 5:25pm

Hi Vikram,I have come across your weibste through Actually, I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate and I wanted to join Merchant Navy. But, I have one question in mind. Say, I leave merchant navy after becoming 3rd engineer or 2nd engineer, what is my market value and what are my further job prospects on land. Can you give some company/job examples that I could get if i leave as 3rd engineer or 2nd engineer. It would be really helpful if you could answer my questions. Thanks

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Adrienne, United States

23 May 2013 at 2:31pm

My father was a Merchant Marine. Merchant Marine is found in the dictionary as such. It takes nothing away from combat Marines. Check out the facts about how many Merchant Marines died bringing supplies to those troops. Check out the benefits the troops they brought supplies to received...and what the Merchant Marines did not receive. My father described the bombs trying to destroy those ships bringing those supplies with the purpose of harming those troops in combat. No military service should be soooo puffed up as to deny the other. They are all to be serving or defending the other and their country. They are all to be commended, as they all made sacrifices, some more than others. Back then my father entered to serve his country, not just for a paycheck. Not sure if that is always the case with everyone I have met in the military. Blessings to all tho if they do their job. The ones that serve from the heart have internal benefits.

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Amy, United States

26 March 2012 at 11:44pm

My father was in the Merchant Marines and I he shared with me some of what they did. Mike is correct in that they were vessels carrying military equipment and personnel across the ocean. They were, however, not fighters and did not carry anything to protect themselves if they were attacked. And they were often attacked and many lost their lives. Sadly, they were not recognized as a true branch of the service until later on in their lives. The Merchant Marines lost alot of men and they were there serving our country in the was effort. They carried food and supplies to our men in need.

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Mike, United States

29 June 2011 at 6:02am

@Bill May there is a big difference and a lot of people would care. The marines are the combat arm of the Navy and it is a highly specialized combat unit. The merchant marine is not really combat oriented but is mainly comprised of vessels which carry military equipment and personnel across the ocean. There is a big distinction. A marine would definitely care and YOU should care just so that you can talk about these things and not sound like an idiot.

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Bill May, United States

7 June 2011 at 6:53am

To me they are Marines. Who really cares. Spelling error says you are not very smart anyway. proerly ---- properly?

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Earl, United States

3 October 2010 at 9:31pm

A common mistake but completely in error is to refer to those that sail the ships as Merchant Marines. They are not marines, they are proerly referred to as MERCHANT MARINERS.

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