Three Jovial Welshmen

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THERE were three jovial Welshmen,
As I have heard them say,
And they would go a-hunting
Upon St. David's Day.

All the day they hunted,
But nothing could they find;
But a ship a-sailing,
A-sailing with the wind.

One said it was a ship,
The other he said nay;
The third said it was a house,
With the chimney blown away.

And all the night they hunted,
And nothing could they find
But the moon a-gliding,
A-gliding with the wind.

One said it was the moon,
The other he said nay;
The other said it was a cheese,
The half o' it cut away.

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Information About Three Jovial Welshmen

"Three Jovial Welshmen" is an old British folk song dating to at least the early 17th century. Little is known of the origins of the song but there have been numerous lyrical variants on the songs theme and title over the years, including: "Three Jovial Huntsmen" and "Six Joyful Welchmen".

The song appears in a book named 'The Woods" Chorister", found at the British Museum within a collection of "Forty Early Ballad Books".


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Luther, Cook Islands

24 October 2016 at 6:45am

Really appreciate you sharing this article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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Sue, Albany, California

30 May 2010 at 11:04pm

At a Pete Seeger concert in Central Park in 1967 I heard a northern England version of this song sung by a young man performing with him. I only remember two verses, but there were plenty more! Three men went a-huntin' Nothing could they find The came across a cu-plot (a cow patty) And that they left behind. The Englishman said it's a cu-plot The Scotsman he said nae Geordie said it's a meat pie With the crust a-blown away Chorus: Well look a' tha, now, well look a' tha' now Tiddy pa-la-pa-la-pa-lay Tiddy pa-la-pa-lay Three men went a-huntin' Nothin' could the find They came across Durham Jail And that they left behind. The Englishman said it's Durham Jail The Scotsman he said nae. Geordie said it's a lodgin' house Where you dinna have ta pay. Chorus I believe Geordie is slang for a native of Tyneside - say Newcastle

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