Three Jovial Welshmen

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THERE were three jovial Welshmen,
As I have heard them say,
And they would go a-hunting
Upon St. David's Day.

All the day they hunted,
But nothing could they find;
But a ship a-sailing,
A-sailing with the wind.

One said it was a ship,
The other he said nay;
The third said it was a house,
With the chimney blown away.

And all the night they hunted,
And nothing could they find
But the moon a-gliding,
A-gliding with the wind.

One said it was the moon,
The other he said nay;
The other said it was a cheese,
The half o' it cut away.

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Information About Three Jovial Welshmen

"Three Jovial Welshmen" is an old British folk song dating to at least the early 17th century. Little is known of the origins of the song but there have been numerous lyrical variants on the songs theme and title over the years, including: "Three Jovial Huntsmen" and "Six Joyful Welchmen".

The song appears in a book named 'The Woods" Chorister", found at the British Museum within a collection of "Forty Early Ballad Books".

This song has been printed from the website.

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