Doughnut Song

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Well I walked around the corner and I walked around the block
And I walked right into a donut shop.

Well I scooped up a donut right out of the grease
And handed the lady a five cent piece.

Well she looked at the donut and she looked at me
And she said, "This nickel is no good you see.

There's a hole in the middle I can see right through"
And I said there's a hole in your donut too!

Thanks for the donut, so long!

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Information About Doughnut Song

It seems that this is another one of those songs with origins that aren't exactly known. Although since it is traditionally sung in the melody of the old 19th century song "Turkey in the Straw" and it mentions a low price of just 5 cents for a doughnut, it certainly must have been written quite a long time ago.

This song is sometimes confused with "The Donut Song" by Burl Ives, which is also well known. Plus, there are actually several similar versions under slightly different titles such as "The Donut Shop", but for the most part the story stays the same and in the end everybody gets what they want anyways, which is a delicious doughnut.

Besides this one, there are a large amount of other appetizing songs about food that kids can learn and have a lot of fun with. In fact, there is a section on this site that features a whole bunch of yummy food songs that should be suitable for children of all ages.

Helpful Hint: Consider actually having some delightful doughnuts on hand when singing this song with children, as not only is it likely that they'll instinctively want to have one either before, after, or while they're singing it, but it can also add to silliness that ensues when doing so.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

There is a different ending here

Oh, I went to the bakery for something to eat,
Because I was so hungry from my head to my feet.
So I picked up a donut and wiped off the grease,
And I handed the lady a five cent piece.

Well she looked at the nickel and she looked at me,
And she said, "Kind Sir can't you plainly see,
There's a hole in the nickel,
There's a hole right through."

Said I there's a hole in the donut too!
Strawberry Shortcake, Yum Yum!

There are a few extra lines in the beginning of this version

Oh I ran around the corner
And ran around the block
And I ran right into a donut shop
And I picked up a donut out of the grease
And I handed the lady a five cent piece
She looked at the nickel and she looked at me
She said this nickels no good to me
There's a hole in the middle and it goes right through
I said there's a hole in your donut too.
Thanks for the donut, Toodle loo.

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