The Halloween Theme

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If you don't wanna see my face
Don't walk alone and never watch the moon
Cause' I'll be there to scare you
To take your soul I'm coming soon
The candle is burning inside the pumpkim
The Joker Spirit is walking down the street.

But if you touch my heart with candies
Maybe I change my point of view
And go back to the Land of the Witches
Or ride faraway from you.

If you don't wanna be my slave
Don't look around all my friends are on the the gloom
A Wolf is howling in the wind blow
To send you to the frightfull room
The laugher monster is flying over here
The cats are running It's the Halloween!

But if you touch my heart with candies
Maybe I change my point of view
And go back to the Land of the Witches
Or ride faraway from you.

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Some primates live in trees and some live on the land and in trees. In this episode we meet KINDERZOO's finest primates like our host Gabby the Gibbon, Deni the Douc Langur, Marty the Mandrill, Colin the Colobus Monkey and Mike the Proboscis Monkey. We also learn how Mike got his large nose in Kinderzoo Tales.
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Information About The Halloween Theme

This poem is about the Halloween theme (Samhain), the tradition of dressing up as monsters and visiting people with the warning "Trick or Treat". By appeasing the ghouls with a treat, the visited person can ward off the threat of a trick! But as we will see this tradition has its roots in antiquity and connects its participants with old traditions.

The Trickster or Joker spirit has long held a place in ancient mythologies, particularly in Eastern Europe and Native America. See here: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Trickster and here: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Samhain.

Immigrants from Ireland and other parts of Europe gave us the Halloween tradition of carving the pumpkin. Learn more here: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Jack-o%27-lantern.

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