Helping Mom

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After waking one saturday morning
and telling Mom that my life was so boring
She got to thinking mighty straight
Then gave me a dirty plate.

And as it slipped through my hands
and smashed upon the floor
I could do no more
than tell mom it was an accident.

Not long after the eventful mishap
did my mom set something in my lap!
It did not feel like it should be there,
so I jumped into the air!

And as it slid off my pants
and smashed upon the floor
I could do no more,
than tell Mom it was an accident.

Even after that terrible event
Mom did not let her wrath vent.
She had the courage to stand the shock,
but not after she handed me some rock!

And as it slipped through my hand
and smashed upon the floor
I could do no more
than tell mom it was an accident!

Yes I told mom it was an accident!
Oh yes, it was an accident!

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Information About Helping Mom

The song was written by Bob Williams.

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