Here Comes the Bride (Wedding Song Parody)

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Here comes the bride,
all dressed in white.

Stepped on a turtle,
and down came her girdle.

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Information About Here Comes the Bride (Wedding Song Parody)

Here Comes the Bride (Wedding Song Parody) should be sung to he tune of the traditional tune known as "The Wedding March".

"The Wedding March" is in turn an instrumental version of the song 'Bridal Chorus' by Richard Wagner. The Song was accompanied by a chorus of singing about faithful guidance, triumphant courage, and the rewards of love. The lyrics are beautiful, but not typically a part of American wedding ceremonies because they are in German.

In the opera that it comes from, Wagner's Bridal Chorus actually chronicles the journey of the couple to their honeymoon, not down the aisle to exchange their vows.

The appeal of this parody song - and the endless variations - can be attributed to the universal jealousy some feel when others encounter a happy couple, but it could also be seen as a way to lighten an occasion that can be entirely too solemn.

The parody usually portrays the bride as overweight and man as underweight, which makes the wedding comical by framing the couple as a mismatch. Sometimes other members of the bridal procession are also mocked, as well as the usher who is called "the old toilet-flusher".

A fun game that can be played with this song is letting kids come up with their own rhymes on the spot as they take turns going in a circle. The couplets are usually easy enough for children to create on their own, especially when they are insults!

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Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

Another very funny version

Stepped on a frog,
off came her bra!

Yet another silly version

Here Comes the bride,
all fat and wide.

Here comes the groom,
skinney as a broom.

One more silly version

Here comes the bride
fair, fat and wide,.

slipped on a banana peel
and went for a ride.

A really funny version!

Here comes the bride
All dressed in white
Where is the groom
In the toilet room
Where is the ring
In the toilet thing.

Another Hilarious version!

Here comes the Bride
Where is the Groom
Down on Second Street
In a saloon.

Another Funny version to sing to

Here comes the bride
Big fat and wide
See how she wobbles
From side to side.

Here comes the groom
Skinny as a room
He'd wobble too
If he had any room.

Another one to tickle you

Here comes the bride
All fat and wide
Steps into a taxi
falls out the other side.

Another verse to add to the silliness

Here comes the bride
Short fat and wide
Lift up her girdle
And phew she is curdle.

Additional line

Here comes the usher,
The grand toilet flusher.

Geographic twist:

Here comes the bride
All filled with pride.

Tripped with a trance
I see London, I see France.

Make fun of the couple in this version

Here comes the bride
Big fat and wide
See how she wobbles
From side to side.

Here comes the groom
Skinny as a room
He'd wobble too
If he had any room.

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