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Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord kumbaya
Someone's crying my Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying my Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord kumbaya
(Whatever the other Things are. ).

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Some primates live in trees and some live on the land and in trees. In this episode we meet KINDERZOO's finest primates like our host Gabby the Gibbon, Deni the Douc Langur, Marty the Mandrill, Colin the Colobus Monkey and Mike the Proboscis Monkey. We also learn how Mike got his large nose in Kinderzoo Tales.
In this episode we go on safari in Africa and meet Polly the Springbok Antelope, Harry the Hippopotamus, Rhiannon the Rhinoceros and we see two of our favourites running around - Debra the Forgetful Zebra and Ryan the Lion. Our KInderzoo Tale this week is about how Gerry the Giraffe got his long neck.


Information About Kumbyah

"Kumbyah" or "Kumbaya" (another spelling is Kum Ba Yah) is a 1920s spiritual song from America.

"Kumbyah" enjoyed renewed popularity during 1960s when the world witnessed a folk revival and thereafter the song became a standard campfire song in Scouting.

Folk singer Joan Baez recorded a version in 1962 at about the same time the song also became associated with the American Civil Rights movement.

The song is based on an African-American style spiritual but has contradictory claims to its origin. However, during the 1920s a number of different songs were recorded, in South Carolina and Georgia, all using the refrain "Come by Here" or "Come by Yah".

For further information about the song "Kumbyah" you may find Wikipedia helpful.

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