Ring Around the Rosie - Activity Version

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(Children hold hands and dance around in a circle).

Ring around the rosies
A pocket full of posies;
Ashes, Ashes
All stand still.
(Children hold still).

The King has sent his daughter,
To fetch a pail of water;
(Children hold hands and dance around in a circle)
Ashes, Ashes
All fall down.
(Children fall to the floor).

The bird upon the steeple,
Sits high above the people;
(Children hold hands and dance around in a circle)
Ashes, Ashes
All kneel down.
(Children kneel).

The wedding bells are ringing,
The boys and girls are singing;
(Children hold hands and dance around in a circle)
Ashes, Ashes,
All fall down.
(Children fall to the floor).

Splash Water Version

To be sung in the pool or bath tub:.

Ring around the otter,
Pockets full of water,
Splashes, splashes,
we all blow bubbles!

Moving around like the Pop It crew is the way to the perfect dance for you!
Some primates live in trees and some live on the land and in trees. In this episode we meet KINDERZOO's finest primates like our host Gabby the Gibbon, Deni the Douc Langur, Marty the Mandrill, Colin the Colobus Monkey and Mike the Proboscis Monkey. We also learn how Mike got his large nose in Kinderzoo Tales.
In this episode we go on safari in Africa and meet Polly the Springbok Antelope, Harry the Hippopotamus, Rhiannon the Rhinoceros and we see two of our favourites running around - Debra the Forgetful Zebra and Ryan the Lion. Our KInderzoo Tale this week is about how Gerry the Giraffe got his long neck.


Information About Ring Around the Rosie - Activity Version

"Ring Around the Rosie" or "Ring a Ring o' Roses" is an English nursery rhyme and a playground or garden game as well. The rhyme was first recorded in 'Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes" in 1881; but it is possible the song and its melody date back a further 100 hundred years. The rhyme is better known as "Ring a Ring o' Roses" in the UK; also the words can differ region by region, although the tune remains consistent. There was also a German rhyme from 1796 that loosely resembled the words and actions of "Ring Around the Rosie".

A Bussongs fan has sent us this information, the song is not about the bubonic plague and refers to other events. You can read more about the song Ring Around the Rosie.

Most people believe that this rhyme originates from the time of the Great Plague. The roses refers to the rosy coloured rash displayed by sufferers; the posies were a little bundle of herbs and spices said to ward off the plague; and a-tishoo was of course, the sneezing which accompanied the final fatal moments of the victims when they would all fall down - dead! However, this theory appears to have emerged in more recent times and is considered by many folklore scholars to be baseless.

Old Bailey judges carry a pocket of posies as a ritual at the opening of each session as a protection against gaol fever.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

Use this version to continue doing activities

Ring around the Rosie (walk in a circle holding hands)
A pocket full of posies ( hold and sniff an imaginary bouquet)
A-choo, A-choo (pretend to sneeze)
We all fall down!

Cows are in the meadow (walk on hands and knees in a circle)
Eating buttercups
OH NO! bumblebee!!
We all Jump up!

We have another version for you

Ring a ring o’ roses
A pocket full of posies
A-tishoo A-tishoo
We all fall down

Cows are in the meadow
Eating buttercups
A-tishoo A-tishoo
We all jump up

The king has sent his daughter
to fetch a pail of water
A-tishoo A-tishoo
We all fall down

Fishes in the water
Fishes in the sea
We all jump up with a
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