Frere Jacques

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Frere Jacques,
Frere Jacques,
Dormez vous?
Dormez vous?
Sonnez les matines,
Sonnez les matines.
Ding Ding Dong,
Ding Ding Dong.

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Information About Frere Jacques

The song is also spelled as "Frere Jaques".

"Frere Jacques" is a famous French nursery melody and is known as "Brother John " in English. According to the earliest known printed version of this song, this song was actually first called Frere Blaise.

Apparently, the song was first recorded in a French manuscript circa 1788 and the words and music weren"t published together until 1866.

There have been more than one potential source of its origin and many different people have been conjectured to be the subject of this song.

It has been suggested that "Fr?re Jacques" might have been written to mock the Dominican monks, known in France as the Jacobin order, for their perceived comfortable lifestyles.

Alternative Lyrics & Related Songs

Brother John.
Brother John.

Are you sleeping?
Are you sleeping?

Morning bells are ringing.
Morning bells are ringing.

Ding, Ding, Dong.
Ding, Ding, Dong.

Have you ever tried to dance like a snowflake? You might want to try it while singing this version

Dance like a snowflake
Dance like a snowflake
In the air
In the air
Whirling twirling, snowflakes
Whirling twirling, snowflakes
Here and there
Here and there.

Here is the same song in different languages. Why don't you give it a go?

Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques
Dormez vous? Dormez vous?
Sonnes les matines, sonnez les matines,
Din, din, don. Din, din, don.

Bruder Jakob, Bruder Jakob,
Schläfst du noch? Schläfst du noch?
Hörst du nicht die Glocken, hörst du nicht die Glocken?
Ding dang dong, ding dang dong.

Fra Martino, campanaro,
Dormi tu? Dormi tu?
Suona le campane, Suona le campane!
Din don dan, din don dan.

Martinillo, Martinillo,
¿Dónde estás? ¿Dónde estás?
Suenan las campanas, Suenan las campanas,
Ding dang dong, ding dang dong.

Vader Jacob, Vader Jacob,
Slaapt gij nog, slaapt gij nog,
Alle klokken luiden, Alle klokken luiden,
Bim, bam, bom, bim, bam, bom.

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